In order to achieve its goals, the Foundation implements the following activities defined in its Statute:

  • doing research activities and creating an institutional background for implementing its activities in European institutions of education and research, while contributing to the region’s professional development,
  • organizing conferences, consultations, seminars and other meetings of experts in the fields of agriculture and ecology,
  • organizing scientific, economic and cultural events, concerts, exhibitions, fairs and other forms of programs that aim to present various kinds of social values,
  • publishing activities,
  • organizing courses and other forms of education,
  • organizing study trips,
  • doing scientific research related to the goals of the Foundation,
  • initiating, organizing and implementing cooperation with organizations and institutions in Serbia and abroad,
  • cooperation with international ogranizations, Serbian, regional and other countries’ state administration,
  • assuring means and conditions for financial support for students and schoolchildren and for implementation of the goals of the Foundation.